The Benefits of the Pomegranate – Amazing Nutrition in a Small Package

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The Benefits of the Pomegranate – Amazing Nutrition in a Small Package

The pomegranate is a fruit that is becoming quite popular as an important nutrition addition to anyone looking for a change in their health and well-being.  This oddly shaped fruit with its’ knobby outside appearance is filled with tiny seed pods bursting with bright tangy fruit flavor and filled with amazing nutrition.  Once you do the research, it is amazing what you will learn about the pomegranate’s health benefits, and what can be added into your wellness program, in whatever form you choose to use this delicious fruit.

Pomegranates have a rich world history dating back in far reaching areas of the world including Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and the Mediterranean.  This fruit prefers dry climates, and has been cultivated now throughout the world in many areas, making it widely available across the globe.  Although the fruit has been a basic food for many cultures, new idea and new recipes are popping up, creating a new society of pomegranate lovers.

 Benefits of the pomegranate

The dark red seeds may look small when peeled out of the rind and membrane, but each of those seeds has some amazing health qualities.  Each serving of pomegranate seeds contain a nice dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Thiamine, Vitamin K and Manganese, along with fiber and some carbohydrates.   With all of this nutrition packed into this small package, it is well worth the effort to peel and pick this fruit apart to get to the pile of sweet seeds waiting inside.

There are some other surprising health benefits of the pomegranate that are not widely known.  Doing a little of your own online research will reveal health benefit claims for digestive health, prostate health, cancer fighting abilities, diabetes stabilization and fighting off the common cold.  If you look at the vitamins and minerals that encompass the nutritional value and compare it to what we already know about health and wellness, it is not hard to see how the pomegranate could be a really smart option to add to a wellness and nutrition program.

Not only is the pomegranate a good addition to your diet from a nutritional standpoint, it is also used in many skin and hair care products that use pomegranate oil as a main ingredient.  The oil of the pomegranate seeds has punicic acid, which helps to increase production of collagen fibers, and to improve the strength and elasticity of both skin and hair.  Pomegranate oil is wonderful for the skin, improving both its look and feel, while also soothing dry, irritated or sunburned skin.

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate juice vs. the seeds

If peeling the fruit does not sound like fun to you, there are other options available that can bring you the same great health benefits of the pomegranate without the work.  Pomegranate juice can be found in many stores, and this versatile pomegranate product can be consumed straight out of the bottle, or added to shakes, smoothies, or even martinis!  However you drink it, pomegranate juice is just one more way to bring the nutrition and wellness into your daily life.

Pomegranate Supplements

If the juice doesn’t sound like your cup of tea either, you can always check out the various supplements that are available that use pomegranate as a key ingredient.  Pomegranate supplements can be in pill or capsule form, and there are even options for concentrated liquid that can be added to foods as well.  The benefit of using a pomegranate supplement is the same as a pomegranate without the fun of peeling it apart.

Many pomegranate supplements are combined other supplements that target specific health maladies or are geared to specific health benefits.  Doing your own research on what goals and benefits you are looking to target is an important first step when looking to add a pomegranate supplement in to your health plan.

Supplements can be an important addition to any wellness or nutrition/diet program, however it is always important to consult your medical practitioner prior to adding supplements to your diet.   Understanding the benefits of the supplement, and any possible side effects is critical to your own health.

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