Pomegranate Recipes – Bold and Healthy Choices for a new Healthier You

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Pomegranate Recipes – Bold and Healthy Choices for a new Healthier You

It is in the news everywhere these days – improve your diet to improve your health.  We all know that making healthy choices is for the best – eat less fat, eat more fruits and vegetables, less drinking of soda and more drinking of water.  We may know all of these tricks to improve our health, but to actually start to make changes in our diet can be daunting.

Where do you start?  How do you know what foods to cut out and what foods to add in?  Do you just cut out the bad foods first? And what are the bad foods? Where do I start first?

Start with one change – Make it a pomegranate

A what?  Funny, I know.  But adding in this super fruit to your diet is a great and easy way to make a large impact to your health.  By adding something to your new healthy diet, instead of immediately working on what to take away, you can make changes that are sustainable.

The easiest way to start is to understand what the pomegranate can do for you; this small fruit has minimal calories, so instead of filling you up, you are gaining a juicy tangy addition to a meal that will not hurt your calorie budget.  The dark red juice is filled with great nutrition such as Vitamin C and B-6, and by adding the pomegranate to your meal plan you have enhanced your heart health, improved digestion and begun to ward off illnesses that could impact your daily life.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Pomegranate Recipes without a Recipe


Pomegranate recipes abound on the Internet – you can search high and low for additions to your day from pomegranate salads, using pomegranate oil in recipes, and pomegranate seeds in almost anything you want to make.  But instead of trying to read, print and store all of those recipes, look at the meals that you are already making, and find ways to incorporate pomegranate juice and seeds into your routine.

Let’s start with your morning meal – whether it is cereal, eggs and bacon, oatmeal or toast, by adding a glass of pomegranate juice, or sprinkling some seeds into some yogurt, you have already made a positive impact on your day.

When that mid-day meal time comes around, an addition of pomegranate can make a nice boost to your energy for the day – whether it is adding pomegranate seeds to a salad, cooking some chicken with some added pomegranate oil, or just eating some seeds plain will add vitamins and nutrients to get you through your day.

After a long busy day, it is important to recharge with foods that bring nutrition and power to give you the energy to succeed through the evening.  Whether it is from a fun frothy pomegranate mimosa, or a chicken stuffed with pomegranate stuffing and a glaze, you can easily add this powerful energy provider right into the cooking that you already do each day.

Pomegranate recipe making – Search, incorporate, SUCCESS!

It begins with making a choice for your health.  Instead of focusing on all of the things that you need to remove from your diet to get healthy, instead make the choice to ADD a healthy sustainable fruit that will bring a tangy juiciness to your meals, and bring a bolt of nutrition to you each time that you use it in your day.  The overwhelming nutrition factors in the pomegranate make it one of the perfect foods to incorporate into the meals that you make each day.

Experiment with the taste that you enjoy the most – a juice or smoothie in the morning, a fruit and yogurt parfait mid day, and maybe a salad with chicken and pomegranate seeds to end the day will add much needed nutrition without compromising on taste or calories.  The best part of this life changing diet is that you are ADDING to your diet, and not taking foods away.

One of the great benefits of adding to your diet instead of taking things away is the thought process that goes with it – if you add in the pomegranate, do you really need to eat those cookies in the afternoon?  If you eat a great breakfast and feel full of energy, do you need to stop and have that double mocha-latte with extra whip as you head into work?  Your body will start to crave the nutrition that it needs, instead of craving just the things that sound good.

Life is about choices, and the choice to use a pomegranate to improve your health is a simple choice that will bring great change to your life.

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