Pomegranate juice – How you can make this wonder fruit part of a balanced life

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Pomegranate juice – How you can make this wonder fruit part of a balanced life

We all want to make those health resolutions that we will stick to long term – losing weight, eating healthy, cutting out the smoking and the drinking, and the late night ice cream binges.  We all have big goals and great intentions.   In the long run, sometimes these great plans of ours just become more than we can follow each day, and as they become harder, we simply quite trying, and we head back to the old easy patterns that we were used to living with.

There is a lot of talk these days about super foods – foods that you can eat that could change your life.  While we all know that one food item isn’t going to cure all that ails us, we can add some foods into our diet that will make a big impact into our health.  Focusing on fruits and vegetables that are filled with important antioxidants can be one important choice that makes a tremendous impact in a short amount of time.  One of those fruits that can make a positive impact on your health is the small but powerful pomegranate.

Is a pomegranate good for you?

Let’s take a look at this funny fruit – from the outside it is a reddish, yellow or purple in color, oddly round shaped with a funny protruding top.  Once you crack the peel on this juicy fruit you will notice how different it is from other fruits; small clusters of seeds are suspended in a delicate pod, bursting with deep red juice.  One of the neat tricks from Mother Nature is that we know when fruits and vegetables have those deep dark colors that they can be packed with nutrition.

Pomegranates, like some of the other dark fruits, are filled with antioxidants – one of the fighters of illness that we all hear about in the news.  Pomegranate juice also has a high dose of vitamins C and K, which supports our health and wellness.  Being low in calories, the fruit is a great way to curb those late afternoon hunger pains without succumbing to a sugary snack.  The most interesting fact about the calories in a pomegranate is that most of those calories come from the seed itself.

How good for you is pomegranate juice? 

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice

If you enjoy the health benefits of pomegranates but do not want to work at removing all of the seeds on your own, there are lots of products that utilize pomegranates and the juice.  One popular product is the juice brand POM (needs register symbol), which is a quick easy way to get the benefits of pomegranate juice without all of the work.  Drinking juice alone, or mixing with other ingredients like berries, soda, or seltzer can liven up and make the drink a fun one.

Pomegranate Extract

Another easy way to get the benefits of a pomegranate without the need for the peeling and juicing is to research the use of a pomegranate extract.  An extract is when a substance is concentrated into another form, and it can then be taken in a pill or concentrated liquid form.   Pomegranate pills and capsules are available in different types and doses at many health food stores.

The advantage of taking pomegranate extract, or pill form, is that it is an easy way to boost your health with the antioxidant power packed into those tin little seed pods without the work.  Although some of us really enjoy peeling back that skin and removing the seeds one by one, others just want the power without the juice stains.

It is important to check with your physician or health practitioner before adding any type of supplement to your diet.  By increasing vitamins and minerals into your diet, you can improve your overall health.  Changing your diet to reflect a more nutrition based intake can really make changes for your life.  By adding super fruits like the pomegranate, you can not only lose weight and feel great, but you can greatly impact your overall health, and also reduce the risk of many serious illnesses.

When you begin to research the health benefits of pomegranate juice, you come to realize that this is really a super charged fruit that could make a positive impact on your health.  From improving cardiovascular health, to improving appetite and digestions, improve bone health and promote blood circulation, adding fruits like the pomegranate can make changes in your overall health.

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